Metal-cored wires suitable for robotic, hard automation applications

March 10, 2009

Lincoln Electric has added two new consumables to its line of metal-cored wires. The wires are suitable for single- and multiple-pass welds and are designed to achieve optimal performance in robotic and hard automation applications, the company states. They are made to deliver Charpy V-notch toughness down to -40 degrees C for applications requiring minimal amounts of spatter.

Metalshield® MC-706™ is a mild steel, metal-cored wire that provides stable arc performance with deposition efficiencies exceeding 90 percent. This wire is designed with improved arc wetting action to allow for high travel speeds, the manufacturer reports. It is suitable for applications in the automotive and transportation, structural, shipbuilding, and heavy fabrication industries.

Metalshield MC-6™, also a mild steel, metal-cored wire, is designed for fast-follow welding projects. It is made for high speed and requires minimal preweld preparation. The wire is suitable for automotive applications—such as joining frames—as well as structural, process piping, pressure vessel, and general fabrication.

The wires are recommended for use with a 75 to 95 percent argon and CO2 balance shielding gases. Additionally, both wires conform to AWS A5.18/A5.18M:2005 standards.

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