Modular heavy-duty welding table provides 2-ton load capacity

December 16, 2008

Strong Hand Tools™ manufactures the BuildPro™ series of welding tables. Designed for modular, simplified use, the table is constructed of precision, hardened steel plates with 5/8-in. holes in a 2-in. grid pattern. Each plate can be removed and reconfigured to extend the width of the tabletop to better accommodate specific projects.

A variety of tools such as sliding arm clamps, pliers, magnet squares, and vises can be used with the table. The 1-3/4-in.-wide spaces between the plates allows users to place clamps at any point on the tabletop: along the sides, at the ends, or in the center. The table's heavy-duty, four-beam support base provides a 2-ton load capacity.

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