Multiprocess power source offers constant voltage, current

January 11, 2005

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s XMT® 350 VS inverter offers both constant voltage and current.

The inverter has all of the features of the XMT 350 CC/CV multiprocess inverter, except for its remote control capabilities and auxiliary power option. Like the CC/CV version, the inverter features Auto-Line™ primary power management technology and a 5- to 425-amp output.

The 80-lb. inverter, which provides 350 amps/34 V at 60 percent duty cycle, has a four-position process selector switch and is recommended for construction and fabrication welders who primarily use SMAW but also perform GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, or air carbon arc cutting and gouging. For wire welding, the company recommends pairing the inverter with a SuitCase™ VS series wire feeder.

The inverter is intended to provide a CC/CV alternative for XMT 304 CC users. It offers 24 percent more power and improves deposition rates up to 27 percent when running a 0.045-in. tubular wire. It also permits running longer secondary weld cables.

The inverter features Tweco® -style connectors and Auto-Line technology. It maintains a steady arc across a 190- to 630-V range; has a primary power draw of 17.8 amps at rated output on 460 VAC primary; and accepts any type of primary power (190 to 630 V, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz) without any physical linking mechanisms. The inverter permits using smaller fuses and breakers, smaller primary wiring, and adding more machines to a facility without altering incoming service. At 400 amps, the electrical efficiency is 87.24 percent.

A boost converter circuit boosts the primary input power to a higher voltage. After being regulated, this power then becomes the source voltage for the power source's inverter section, which ensures that the inverter has sufficient power as long as the primary power remains within +37/-59 percent of the nominal 460-V power.

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