Multiprocess welding system uses 115- or 208-/230-VAC input

July 18, 2012

Victor Technologies has introduced the Fabricator® 211i, a fully integrated GMAW/SMAW/GTAW inverter welding system. The 57.3-lb. unit uses either 115- or 208-/230-VAC, single-phase primary power, 50 or 60 Hz. It delivers 5 to 150 amps on 115 VAC and 5 to 210 amps on 230 VAC. Voltages are switched by connecting the 115-V/20-amp power adapter “pigtail” supplied with the system.

The package includes a Tweco® GMAW gun, stick electrode holder, work clamp, and Victor® regulator. Options include a GTAW torch and foot control, a spool gun for GMAW aluminum, carts for organization and convenience, and a roll cage.

The machine is tolerant of voltage fluctuations associated with generator power. It provides full rated welding output when connected to a 6,000-W generator and can weld at up to 150 amps when connected to the 115-V outlet of a 3,000-W generator. It responds to changing weld conditions within 13 ms.