New arc process helps improve welding efficiency

August 18, 2014

Fronius has introduced four new arc variants for the TPS/i GMAW power source platform: The LSC (low spatter control) Root and LSC Universal, based on a new algorithm, are characterized by increased arc stability and reduced spatter ejection, says the company. New welding parameters form the foundation for functions such as the penetration stabilizer, available for the first time in all branches.

The company has improved the arc length correction and dynamic correction functions as well. With the help of special hardware, the advanced versions of the arc variants allow longer hose packs to be used while ensuring the same level of welding quality. These developments simplify the handling of the welding current source, helping to improve welding and brazing results even for operators with little welding experience.

For LSC, the company has developed an entirely new algorithm that uses the high processing power, large memory, fast system bus, and dynamic wire feed speed of the GMAW power source platform to help ensure a stable arc with minimal spatter.

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