Online welding system design tool introduced

January 31, 2011

Online welding system design tool introduced -

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced Equip to Weld™, an online tool designed to help users build a complete, customized, industrial GMAW/multiprocess/SMAW system from the ground up.

At, users are led through a step-by-step process that helps them select their preferred power source, wire feeder, GMAW gun, drive rolls, contact tips, regulator, gas hoses, primary cable, and secondary cables, including terminations. It narrows down component and accessory options after each step, including customizable GMAW guns and consumables from Bernard and Tregaskiss, and regulators and flowmeters from Smith Equipment.

The system updates the list price after each step and remembers each quote with a unique system ID that allows the user to go back and edit the system at any time. Once the system is complete, users can edit quotes with their personal information and e-mail them directly to the local distributor, save them as PDFs, or print and take them to the distributor in person.

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