Pipe-to-pipe weld heads available in three models

April 9, 2012

Pipe-to-pipe weld heads available in three models - TheFabricator.com

Model OP modular pipe-to-pipe weld heads are available from Orbitalum Tools GmbH. The compact units perform automated orbital GTAW with filler wire on unalloyed, low-alloy, and high-alloy pipes and their black-and-white connections.

With their small modules (base machine, head module, and cold wire unit), the heads are suitable for the production of pipe coils for heat exchangers, collectors, and in boiler construction. Filler wire (cold wire) must be used for welding pipes with wall thicknesses of 0.08 in. or more. For pipe walls of 0.16 in. or more, the geometry of the weld seam requires oscillation of the torch during the filling and final passes.

All three models — OP 46, OP 51, and OP 102 — have nearly identical base machines and cold wire units, but the maximum weldable OD of the head module is 1.81, 2.01, or 4.02 in., respectively. With models 51 and 102, the user can choose additional equipment with automatic arc gap control and integrated torch oscillation. This enables welding of pipes with wall thicknesses up to 0.47 in.

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