Portable DC welding machines provide 95 to 200 amps

December 13, 2010

Portable DC welding machines provide 95 to 200 amps - TheFabricator.com

Thermadyne®'s Thermal Arc® brand has introduced a series of portable DC welding machines for SMAW and GTAW. The line includes four machines that provide 95 to 200 amps of welding power. The company offers units with multivoltage input power that can hook up to either 115- or 230-V, single-phase power outlets.

The 10-lb. 95S is suitable for beginners and home hobbyists. It delivers 95 amps of power on standard 115-V circuits for light maintenance and repair jobs, as well as some light fabrication.

The 161S and 161STL deliver 110 amps on standard 115-V circuits or 160 amps on 230-V circuits. The 161S has arc-force circuits built into the power supply. The 161STL includes user-adjustable arc-force circuits, a trigger hold function, downslope timers, a gas solenoid for flow-through gas, and the ability to use torch switches or a foot control.

The heavy-duty 201TS provides increased control for demanding jobs. It offers a maximum output of 200 amps when used on 230-V circuits.