Portable inverter welding power sources suited to steel welding

December 15, 2009

Fronius has developed the TransSteel 3500 and TransSteel 5000 inverter welding power sources. According to the company, the units' intuitive functions and wire feed system are suited to steel welding. With their compact design and light weight, the power sources are portable.

The central control unit helps ensure a reliable process and reproducible welding results, even when process fluctuations occur. The wire feeder comprises a hose pack, torch, and display. A "comfort wire" function automatically takes care of wire threading. The user can remove the portable wire feed unit and take it to difficult-to-access welding locations. The welding parameters remain stable, regardless of the position of the hose pack.

An ignition control feature prevents drops from forming at start-up. In addition to the standard arc, the user can select steel root—a fine, soft arc for applications including root runs or wide gap fills—or steel dynamic—a hard, stable spray arc suitable for components requiring a strong joint.

The FSC (Fronius System Connector) is one central connector for all media, so there is no need for external control plugs. It is suitable for both manual and robotic applications and with gas- or water-cooled systems.

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