Power source designed for push-pull systems

April 10, 2007

MK Products has introduced the CobraMig® 400P, a pulsed GMAW welding power source that works with the Cobramatic wire feed push-pull technology.

Exclusive CobraMig® 400P software algorithms allow for hard wire and aluminum welding when using the Cobramatic® wire feed cabinet (Model 150-006). Wave pulse functions of the power allow for GTAW-like welds on aluminum. Wave pulse utilizes superimposed low-frequency pulse for hard and soft aluminum, which helps reduce porosity and crack susceptibility. The wave frequency is adjustable from 0.5 to 30 Hz.

The system is completely synergic as programmed. Wire feed speed, amperage, and arc voltage are commanded by the wire speed potentiometer in the push-pull welding gun. Wave pulse and arc control are simple adjustments on the power supply's operation panel.

The power supply is rated at 60 percent duty cycle in standard DC and 50 percent in pulse DC at 400 amps max. Automatic three-phase voltage sensing allows for either 208/230 VAC or 460 VAC at 50/60 Hz input. Air or liquid cooled Cobra® guns can be easily connected and used on the Cobramatic cabinet. The easy-to-read wire size selector, alloy type, and welding method make the system user-friendly.

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