Power sources, components optimized for sub-arc process

September 16, 2008

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced two Sub Arc DC Series power sources; the heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive Sub Arc Tractor; and complete sub-arc system components.

The Sub Arc DC 650 (650 amps at 100 percent duty cycle) and Sub Arc DC 1000 (1,000 amps at 100 percent duty cycle) are the company's first DC power sources specifically optimized for the sub-arc process. The sub-arc components, available separately or mounted on the Sub Arc Tractor, provide plug-and-play functionality.

The power sources provide air carbon arc cutting and gouging, SMAW, and flux-cored capabilities. The arc control provides a stable and consistent output regardless of electrode size or the type or flux used, the company states.

The power sources feature an internal digital voltage control, allowing the operator to preset weld voltage before striking an arc. When used with the company's HDC 1500 DX controller, the operator also can preset current and amperage. The power sources also allow the use of external voltage-sensing leads for accurate monitoring of the arc voltage.

Line Voltage Compensation technology helps ensure that the power source's output will not vary, even if primary input power varies by &#plusmn;10 percent. The power source features the company's Fan on Demand, which helps reduce noise, power consumption, and contaminants pulled into the machine. It works by turning on the fan only when required by the thermostatically controlled circuit.

The Sub Arc Tractor can connect to the power sources. The four-wheel-drive, self-propelled tractor features digital readouts with travel speeds that can be preset. The travel speeds are controlled by a microprocessor to remain steady, even on slight inclines. Chain-driven front and back wheels allow the tractor to maintain speed on uneven floors. A manual clutch enables freewheeling of the tractor for simplified positioning. All of the arms and support posts use toolless clamps for adjustment or removal. When dismantled, the tractor can be passed through a 24-in. manhole.

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