Reconditioning system for welding gas cylinders removes contaminants

October 14, 2008

Viking Blast & Wash Systems' welding gas cylinder reconditioning system, the GC440, removes rust, enamel paint, and other surface contaminants from gas cylinders ranging in size from 12 in. dia. to an SSPC-SP6 surface finish on a continuous-flow basis.

In an 8-hour day, the system can clean approximately 400 gas cylinders ranging in size from e-medical though TK300. It uses two 15-HP, PF-1 centrifugal blast wheels. The skew roll conveyor system handles the pipe or rod through the blast chamber on cast chrome, V-groove part rollers.

Tightly sealed vestibules buffer the work space from errant abrasive. Dust evacuation systems keep the blasted material clean and the work environment dust free. Entrance and exit cylinder loader and unload systems are available. Custom engineering also is available.

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