Robotic-ready pipe welding, cutting system welds pipe root, changes on-the-fly to pulse spray GMAW

December 15, 2009

Lincoln Electric Automation has introduced the latest generation of its RoboPipe™ system for automated carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex stainless steel pipe welding and fabricating.

The system is driven by the Power Wave® 455M/STT® welding machine, rated to deliver 450 amps, 38 V at 100 percent duty cycle or 570 amps, 43 V at 60 percent duty cycle. It features Waveform Control Technology® and Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®) for control of the arc characteristics.

The robotic-ready package can weld a pipe root with STT and then change on-the-fly to pulse spray GMAW transfer mode for the hot, fill, and cap passes.

The system's control technology features multiple E-stop locations, customized pipe welding program logic, and the ability to save about 500 weld programs. Options such as manual or automatic seam tracking, Thru-Arc® seam tracking, and vision-based tracking can be added to a system.

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