Rolling tote kit organizes soldering, brazing tools

May 1, 2012

Rolling tote kit organizes soldering, brazing tools -

The TurboTorch® TDLX roller-mounted tote kit from Thermadyne features a telescopic pull handle that allows users to roll a bag carrying a 50-lb. acetylene B tank. Its multiple pockets are designed to hold all equipment necessary for soldering and brazing, including brazing rods, solder rolls, torch handles, and torch tips. A metal sleeve stores hot tips; Velcro® straps secure the gas hose; and an adjustable security strap secures the tote inside a vehicle.

The tote is constructed with a wide base, metal framework, and a lifting handle for stairs or lifting the kit in and out of a vehicle. The kit includes a #8 Extreme self-lighting tip, a #3 Extreme standard tip, a torch handle, a TurboTorch regulator, and a 12-ft. hose.