Semiautomatic GMAW gun liners now offered on additional guns

May 31, 2011

Semiautomatic GMAW gun liners now offered on additional guns -

Tregaskiss is making its QUICK LOAD™ liners standard on TOUGH GUN™ and TGX™ semiautomatic GMAW guns as of July 2011. The liners have been standard on all TOUGH GUN robotic and automatic GMAW guns since 2010.

The liners are installed from the front end of the GMAW gun in less than half the time of a conventional liner replacement, the company states. On the first use, the two-piece system requires a liner retainer to be installed inside the power pin.

To replace a liner, the welding operator removes the front-end consumables (nozzle, retaining head, and contact tip) and feeds the liner through the front of the GMAW gun and over the wire, using it as a guide. There is no need to cut the welding wire. A liner gauge is provided with every liner, along with installation instructions, to ensure customers trim liners to the correct stickout.

Welding operators can change the liners on semiautomatic GMAW guns that are connected to boom-mounted feeders without having to climb up to them. The liners accommodate wire sizes from 0.023 to 0.094 in.

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