Single-phase CV-, CC-mode welding power source available

September 12, 2006

The Shopmate™ 300 DX welding power source from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. operates on single-phase power in CV mode (GMAW and FCAW) and CC mode (DC GTAW and SMAW).

The power source provides 5 to 400 amps (250 amps at 60 percent duty cycle). Advanced inductance arc control for GMAW allows the operator to adjust the weld bead profile and wetness of the weld puddle. Operators only need to set the selector to the wire type—steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. They can fine-tune the weld puddle characteristics to meet specific needs or preferences.

In SMAW mode, the unit adjusts the arc dig according to the type of electrode being used. In GTAW mode, the Lift-Arc TIG™ allows DC/GTAW starting without using high frequency or contaminating the weld with tungsten, reducing weld defects and increasing tungsten life.

The Fan-On-Demand™ reduces noise, airborne particulate matter, and power consumption. The Line Voltage Compensation (LVC™) keeps output power constant throughout variations in input power by up to 10 percent, creating a constant, predictable arc, the company states.

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