Subarc tractor designed for welding large joints on heavy plate

February 10, 2009

Lincoln Electric's new Cruiser™ self-propelled tractor for SAW is designed for welding large joints on heavy plate, such as on barges, ships, large tanks, bridges, and offshore platforms. The tractor has a rated output of 1,000 amps at a 100 percent duty cycle and weld deposition rates up to 60 lbs./hr.

The unit features the Power Feed™ 10S wire drive design, rotating in two directions for any torch angle, and feeds up to 7/32-in.-dia. wire. The mast and arm are constructed of heat-treated aluminum-alloy tubing, which provides a rigid frame to keep the wire drive in a steady position.

The tractor can be configured to a three- or four-wheel operation, providing users the option of using the tractor on or off the track. The tractor also includes a lightweight pendant control with digital meters, a joint tracking guide, and aluminum construction that resists impacts and high temperatures.

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