System automates single-, multiple-head welding, cutting

March 13, 2007

Gullco's KAT Travel Carriage System is designed to automate and improve quality in single-or multiple-head welding and cutting uperations.

Welding guns and torches are mounted on the carriage, which travels along a track in forward or reverse direction on flat or curved surfaces along any plane, including inverted. A microprocessor-based 24-V DC motor control enables precise variable speed programming and switching for forward, neutral, reverse, run, and stop. A rotary encoder controls speed. The mounted welding and cutting equipment operates with precise motion from start to finish, regardless of how many passes or workpieces are involved, the company says.

The system can be supplied with optional equipment and controls to provide other functions, including oscillation, stitch welding, and cladding. Models are available for use on rigid or flexible track.

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