Triangular cross-section brazing rings designed for HVAC/R market

January 24, 2011

Lucas-Milhaupt has designed a new triangular-shaped brazing ring for the HVAC/R market. The triangular ring is seated in the hairpin and directs material flow for a clean, strong joint with little or no overflow.

According to the manufacturer, the patent-pending triangular cross-section brazing ring provides 25 percent more surface area contact between the hairpin and return bend as compared to round or rectangular rings. The added surface contact helps improve heat conduction among all components, while the controlled heating helps improve flux activation and dispersion, the company states.

The flux is noncorrosive with no binder, eliminating the potential for contamination. It is available in AL 718 (88 percent aluminum, 12 percent silicon) and other aluminum brazing alloys.

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