Two slings, controlled rotation increase welding manipulator safety

July 11, 2013

Stewart Eng. & Sales Co. offers Stewart overhead welding manipulators in three configurations: air-powered with 10- or 20-ton capacity and electric-powered with 10-ton capacity.

The typical arrangement includes a powered drive unit and an idler unit using two hoists in tandem. The weldment is supported by two nylon slings, which can be endless or connectable with a safety hook and loop, and is rotated in a controlled manner for safety.

The portable, air-powered units require just shop air for operation. The electric units, which require 230/460-3-60 power, can be used for production operations, wired into an overhead crane, and controlled with the crane’s pendant or radio control. A portable electric unit has been introduced for tanks, large pipes, beams, and towers. All units can be used in the field.

Operation controls attach to the welder's gun. Fast mode (10 FPM) is suitable for positioning, tacking, and skip welding. Slow mode (6 to 30 IPM) includes cruise control to match the welding speed.