Virtual welder training system developed

February 9, 2010

Fronius has developed Virtual Welding, a training tool that consists of a simulated torch and workpiece, a PC, and a screen.

The arc and the weld seam are virtual creations. A magnetic tracking system converts hand movements into a virtual world displayed on a screen or 3-D glasses. An extra sensor located on the welding helmet helps ensure that the view of the welding task is true to life.

Typical weld seam characteristics are reproduced, and trainees hear typical welding noises in real time. They respond with their hand to develop the required "feel" for voltage and amperage.

According to the manufacturer, trainees can deliver usable welding results after a course involving two sessions of 60 hours of practical training on the virtual system.

With the product's network capability, training can be done anywhere that is accessible through the Internet.

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