Water-cooled, air-cooled torches designed for confined, harsh environments

July 10, 2007

Weldcraft's WP-22 and WP-23 machine torches, available in 7-in. or 4-in. sizes, are designed for mechanized GTAW in confined and harsh environments.

All four torch models have front or back tungsten loading and tightening, as well as a heavy-duty power cable. Optional gas lenses are available.

The WP-22 is a water-cooled machine torch rated to 250 amps at 100-percent duty cycle. The WP-22A torch is 7 in. long and uses a 7-in. tungsten electrode. The WP-22B is 4 in. long and takes 3-in. electrodes. Both accommodate tungsten diameters from 0.040 in. to 1/8 in.

Suitable for thin material applications with V-Block mounting fixtures, the air-cooled WP-23 torches are rated to 150 amps at 60-percent duty cycle. Available as the 7-in. WP-23A or the 4- in. WP-23B, with respective 7-in. and 3-in. tungsten sizes, the torches feature consumables—excluding collets—that are interchangeable with the WP-20 manual torch series.

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