Water-cooled GMAW guns, consumables introduced

March 30, 2010

Bernard introduces its customizable W™-series water-cooled GMAW guns and new water-cooled Centerfire™ consumables to meet the wide ranging needs of high-amperage, water-cooled MIG applications. Featuring exceptional durability and hundreds of possible configurations, W-Guns offer users their choice of neck style, cable length, handle style, consumables and direct plugs.

The guns feature a durable and easily replaced power pin housing with an improved coolant hose strain relief. The dedicated side-entry coolant channel and strain relief reduce the potential for premature gun failure due to kinked coolant lines. Plus, a highly efficient coolant channel keeps the consumables cool under high-amperage, high-heat applications, the company reports.

The guns are rated to 600 amps at 100 percent duty cycle and offer direct plug connections to all major wire feeder brands, including Miller, Lincoln, Tweco 4, and Euro.

The new water-cooled consumables offer all of the durability, weld quality, and productivity benefits of their air-cooled counterparts. They come with either a 1/8- or 1/4-in. contact tip recess and feature a unique spatter shield that improves shielding gas flow to better protect the weld puddle and keeps spatter from clogging the shielding gas diffuser.

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