Water-cooled torches available in four styles

January 15, 2008

Weldcraft offers its WP-18 series water-cooled GTAW torches for high-amperage, continuous-duty welding applications. Available in four styles, each torch features a cooling design that minimizes overheating.

The hand-held torch models (WP-18, WP-18V, and WP-18SP) have handles that help improve torch control and prevent operator fatigue and discomfort. The WP-18V model includes a built-in gas control valve that helps operators control shielding gas flow. All three hand-held models are rated at 350 amps DC and 100 percent duty cycle.

For mechanized applications, the series includes the WP-18P torch, which features a pencil-style design and is rated at 500 amps DC and 100 percent duty cycle.

Cable covers, power cable adapters, and extension kits are available as options.

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