Weld curtain sets up, breaks down in seconds

October 10, 2006

A&A Mfg.'s new weld curtain sets up and breaks down in seconds and can be transported to new work stations with its roller wheel.

When extended, the curtain's maximum height is 72 in. and maximum width is 74.5 in. The curtain stands 4 ft. high with an 80.5-in. base when retracted.

The curtain is suitable for GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW. It protects against the effects of near-UV and UV radiation emitted during arc welding. Aiding in the containment of sawdust or other light debris, the curtain also can be used for workcell separation, as a privacy wall, or to block distracting views.

The shade can be used in work environments with temperatures as low as 10 degrees. It features a double-stitched pocket to secure the shade bar. Steel outriggers create a stable base that has a high-visibility safety finish.

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