Welding guide revised

January 7, 2014

The revised 31st edition of the Pocket Welding Guide, now in color, has been released by Hobart Institute. The handbook is designed for use by students and hobbyists as well as veteran welders, draftsmen, instructors, supervisors, foremen, technicians, and engineers.

The new edition features overviews of common arc welding processes, examples of good and bad weld beads, causes and cures of common welding problems, welding symbols, guidelines for identifying metals and calculating filler metal consumption, oven storage and reconditioning of filler metals, shielding gases and their uses, AWS filler metal classifications and comparative indices, welding parameters, operating ranges of metal-cored wires, a filler metal selector guide for welding ASTM steels, troubleshooting guides for semiautomatic wire and equipment, welding terms and definitions, and metric conversion tables.

Expanded from 148 to 184 pages in a 4- by 7-in. format, the guide fits in a toolbox.