Welding machine has multiprocess capabilities

November 7, 2006

The Power MIG™ 350MP from The Lincoln Electric Co. has SMAW, GMAW, and flux-cored capabilities, as well as pulsed GMAW, Pulse-On-Pulse™, and Power Mode™.

Using Lincoln Chopper Technology™, the unit delivers quality welds with good arc control, the manufacturer states. Nextweld® waveform control delivers One-to-One™ customized welding parameters for every application. New, additional, or updated welding waveforms can be downloaded directly into the machine, making it expandable for future applications. Synergic control of voltage with the wire feed speed allows users to set weld procedures with one control.

Features include spool gun, push/pull-ready connection, and a second gas solenoid to deliver gas to a spool gun or GTAW torch without having to disconnect the regular GMAW gun. A 115-VAC auxiliary receptacle allows AC input power for work lights, grinders, and other shop tools.

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