Welding machine plugs, receptacles improve safety, code compliance

April 15, 2008

Meltric Corp.'s switch-rated welding machine plugs and receptacles are designed to help facilities improve electrical safety and code compliance. The plugs and receptacles are UL/CSA-approved for branch circuit disconnect switching and rated to safely make and break under full load up to 200 amps. They also are designed to eliminate the need to purchase mechanical interlocks and auxiliary switches, according to the manufacturer.

The plugs and receptacles help simplify compliance to NFPA 70E electrical safety requirements by maintaining an NFPA 70E-defined hazard/risk category 0 during electrical equipment connection and disconnection. The receptacle features a safety shutter that maintains a dead front to prevent unintentional access to live parts and reduce the need to use personal protective equipment when relocating a welder, states the company.

The plugs and receptacles feature a contact technology similar to that used in motor starters. The contact surface is solid silver nickel, and the butt-style contacts are spring-loaded to help ensure constant pressure and performance. The contacts mate with a self-cleaning action that helps remove deposits from the contact surfaces and enable performance in dusty or dirty conditions.

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