Welding machines provide GTAW, SMAW

May 1, 2013

Welding machines provide GTAW, SMAW - TheFabricator.com

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Heliarc® AC/DC GTAW and SMAW machines.

Three new GTAW models are offered: the 281i, a 280-amp unit for single-phase 230 connections; the 283i, a 280-amp unit for three-phase 460 connections; and the 353i, a 350-amp, three-phase 460 unit for welding thicker materials.

All three machines use inverter technology. They provide GTAW in all types of materials, as well as AC and DC SMAW, including cellulosic (E-XX10, E-XX11) electrodes.

Pulse current allows for low heat dissipation, improved weld pool control, and decreased plate deformation. DC pulsing, with square wave, cuts current peaks and provides symmetric power, a stable arc, and interfusion between base and filler material. AC pulsing up to 2 Hz allows welding of thin aluminum material.