Welding power supply enhanced with new options

November 15, 2010

Welding power supply enhanced with new options - TheFabricator.com

Swagelok Co. has introduced new options for its M200 welding system power supply.

A new, patent-pending ID purge control dynamically changes purge flow to maintain proper ID pressure at the weld joint. When combined with the welding system's automatic control for OD shield gas, the result is a complete automated system for purge control and consistent weld process and weld quality, the manufacturer states.

The ID purge settings are established through either automatic weld procedure generation or simple key entry. A responsive mass flow controller (MFC) inside the M200 and an external pressure sensor provide more accurate and consistent purge gas control than manual processes. Real-time monitoring of all purge operations is recorded in the weld log detail.

The company also has added a manual mode to its standard orbital functionality. When the hand torch accessory is plugged into the power supply, all weld output and adjustments are graphically displayed. Manual weld controls are brought up on the 12.1-in. color industrial touchscreen. The power supply features a built-in MFC that automatically sets the flow rate for shield gas. Operator adjustments display on-screen.

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