Welding simulator provides real-time technique feedback

November 10, 2009

Lincoln Electric has developed a new way to teach welding techniques through a virtual welding system called VRTEX™ 360. The system incorporates technology Lincoln recently acquired from VRSim Inc., an East Hartford, Conn.-based developer of training software and graphic simulation for industry and academia.

Developed in partnership by teams at Lincoln Electric and VRSim Inc., this VRAW™ (Virtual Reality Arc Welding) training system provides a virtual hands-on training experience that allows students to complete more passes than traditional training and provides real-time welding technique feedback—similar to a video game—to both trainers and students.

The system feeds computer-generated data with a virtual welding gun and helmet equipped with internal monitors. The student practices welding in virtual environments, including welding booth and field applications. Training can be conducted in various settings, including classrooms and training centers with limited resources and shop space.

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