Welding training device allows for testing 18-in. joints

April 22, 2013

RealWeld Systems Inc. has announced that its patent-pending RealWeld Trainer™ system will support welding of 18-in. joints, which meets or exceeds the test requirements of the AWS B2 specification for plate welding.

The system, designed for a welding booth, can be used while under the hood with the arc on or for practice welding with the arc off. When users configure their welding procedures in the system, they also select plate length of 6 or 18 in. for GMAW, SMAW, and FCAW processes welding fillet, lap, and groove joints in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.

The training system is suitable for screening welders before being hired, assessing skill certification levels, cloning the techniques of master welders into documented welding procedures, use in community college curriculums, and narrowing the skill gaps of graduates.