Acrylic adhesive features lay-flat liners

May 5, 2014

3M™ has announced enhancements in sustainability and liner technology to its High Performance Acrylic Adhesive 200MP for bonding to metal and high-surface-energy plastics. Applications include ATMs, vehicle dashboards, appliance panels, and trackpad bonding.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds on contact without the introduction of solvents. Now the tape constructions made with the adhesives are produced with a process that completely eliminates solvents from liner production. In addition, many tapes using the adhesive are conflict-mineral-free, made without gold, tantalum, tin, or tungsten.

The adhesive’s high shear strength reduces adhesive oozing at slitting and die cutting. Improved roll aging and storage stability help minimize edge picking and waste for converters. The new lay-flat liner eliminates curling before or after die cutting, tunneling or buckling, and edge scalloping.

The liner’s polycoated paper construction provides increased dimensional stability in high-humidity storage, processing, shipping, and application conditions.