Adhesive is alternative to welding on galvanized metals

January 10, 2006

Devcon offers its Flex Welder FC (fast cure) methacrylate adhesive and Dev-Thane 5 urethane adhesive as alternatives to welding on galvanized, galvanneal, or GALVALUME® metals.

The methacrylate adhesive is designed for the permanent assembly of products subject to flexing, shock, vibration, or variations in temperature up to 250 degrees F. According to the manufacturer, it produces load-bearing bonds with excellent impact, peel, and shear resistance, and 100 percent tensile elongation on metals and other materials.

The urethane adhesive forms flexible bonds on metals and is a primerless, two-part adhesive that becomes a thixotropic paste with a pot life of five minutes. When cured, the adhesive has a tensile strength of 2,100 PSI and a tear resistance of 400 PLI (ASTM D624) and withstands service temperatures up to 180 degrees F dry and 120 degrees F wet.

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