Air press suitable for manual, semiautomatic assembly

August 8, 2006

AIM Joraco has introduced a direct air press to complement its Toggle-Aire® pneumatic presses for assembling bushings, posts, inserts, and fasteners.

The air press features a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force over the entire stroke. The press is offered with a standard 6-in. stroke that provides 500 to 5,000 lbs. of constant force. It is available in both C- and H-frame configurations, making the unit suitable for a range of manual and semiautomatic assembly operations.

Three ram styles are offered: internal- or external-threaded 1-in. ram and one with a hole for shank-mount. Pneumatic counters; dwell timers; FRLs keyed to air shutoff; two-hand, single-stroke antitiedown operation; and custom platens and tooling are available as options.