All-metal floating panel nuts position, spin freely

May 4, 2004

PennEngineering® Fastening Technologies offers PEM® floating panel nuts designed to position and spin freely upon installation into any type of rigid material. The all-metal threaded nuts are custom-designed for specific applications and are suitable for all types of panels.

Users can specify a range of fastener parameters, including nut head style (whether for hand or tool operation), unified or metric threads and thread sizes, and relevant dimensions to conform to the material thickness of host sheet or panel.

The nut assemblies (Type FPN) consist of nut and retention ring. Installation is achieved by placing the nut through a sheet and the ring onto the nut shoulder. The nut then is flared onto the ring, which completes installation and allows the assembly to spin and float freely.

Installation can be accomplished automatically, manually, or using in-die operations.

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