Assembly press designed for short bed, large-stroke, daylight applications

April 15, 2008

Beckwood Press Co. manufactures an assembly press, designed for a short bed requirement, for large-stroke and daylight applications. The press, which features a two-post frame with a 10-in. bed height, is equipped with a bed shuttle with two spring-loaded roller tracks.

Suitable for assembly of electric motors, the press has a 25-ton capacity and a 2-ton roller track bed shuttle system, which is powered within the press using two hydraulic cylinders with 24-in. strokes. The press features a 54-in. stroke, 87-in. daylight, and a 34-in. by 34-in. bed.

The press features a programmable Allen-Bradley PLC system and pedestal-mounted, dual ergonomic zero-force touch buttons. Safety systems include a 50-in. light curtain, as well as bolt-on and fixed expanded metal guarding.

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