Cable tie-hooks remain fixed in place

October 16, 2013

Cable tie-hooks remain fixed in place -

Patented PEM® Type TDO™ self-clinching cable tie-hooks from PennEngineering® remain securely fixed in place where installed to provide permanent attachment points for mounting wires and cables inside electronic chassis or enclosures. They install without requiring screws or adhesives, and their locations and positions can be specified during the design process for layout of wires and cables inside assemblies.

The tie-hooks can be supplied in several sizes for installation in metal sheet from 0.040 to 0.125 in. thick. They enable tie-bundled wires to be attached, removed, and returned to mounting points when components need to be accessed for service or when wires or cables must be replaced. The hook feature allows ties to remain intact and wires to remain wrapped.

Upon installation of the hooks, panels on the reverse side of installation remain entirely flush without any spaces or openings.

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