Captive screw fasteners function as slam-to-close latches

May 13, 2008

The 1-035SL Captive-Joiner 9.5 Snap-Line from Dirak Inc. is a new technology for fastening sheet metal panels. The captive screw is designed for simplified installation and ease of use. It also functions as a slam-to-close latch, requiring a simple push of the panel against the frame to ensure latching.

To disengage two joined panels, the user turns the knob 45 degrees instead of performing traditional screwing and unscrewing. The screw can be removed completely from both panels on-site and reinstalled with a push, making it suitable for maintenance applications.

The fastener fits the standard cutout of 19-in. racks without modification. The panel can be finished before the fastener is installed, and risk of damage to the surface finish is nearly eliminated with the one-step installation process.

The captive screw is installed completely from the front of the panel and does not need an insert, so it is suitable for applications in which access to the back panel is restricted. It is suitable for applications under extreme vibration conditions, as it will not loosen from the panel.