Crimping machines accommodate both small and large assemblies

January 12, 2010

Lillbacka Powerco has introduced the Finn-Power 120 UC and 140 UC crimping machines for tube and pipe, hose assemblies, and other fastening and joining applications.

These serial production models are designed for high-volume production and accommodate both small and large assemblies. Their pass-through head design makes them suitable for crimping elbow assemblies, flanged pieces, and odd-shaped parts.

The crimping machines feature a UC control, which provides automated quality control reporting options and menu-guided operation. The feedback of the master die position allows part crimp dimensions to be changed in seconds, the company reports.

The control also includes a feedback device for monitoring the opening stroke to be set to an exact position, reducing energy consumption and improving cycle time.

The 120 model provides more than 280 tons of crimping force with a master die travel of 2.68 in. The 140 crimping machine provides more than 320 tons of crimping force with a master die travel of 3.23 in. Both models are accurate and repeatable to 0.004 in.

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