Electromechanical NC joining module allows close spacing on assembly line

January 12, 2010

Kistler has developed the Type 2152B electromechanical NC joining module for applications such as press fitting valve seat rings and valve guides.

The module's shape and a center distance of 2.76 in. allow very close spacing of neighboring stations on an assembly line. A high-precision guide helps minimize the amount of space required for mounting. The center distance can be reduced further by pressing eccentrically within the permissible range.

Several modules can be assembled into a single joining station. This allows faster throughput by eliminating the need to synchronize several assembly stations.

The integral piezoelectric force sensor in the module's housing gives a choice of two predefined measuring ranges of 15 and 25 kN. Stroke is 13.78 in. and speed is up to 9.84 IPS.