Extruded-material tube fittings aimed at oil, gas, and chemical markets

October 13, 2009

The Instrumentation Products Div. of Parker Hannifin has developed a production process for its A-LOK® tube fittings based on stainless steel extrusions. The technology is aimed at users in processing markets such as oil, gas, and chemical.

According to the company, the uniformity of metal grain size and shape inside extrusion-based parts means that all fittings made with the process have almost identical mechanical properties and are stronger than traditional forged parts. Dimensions can be very closely controlled to maintain interchangeability for large-scale users.

The manufacturer reports that the process is equally applicable to all the exotic-alloy fitting products it supplies for corrosion-resistant applications.

Extruded profiles are faster to produce, are available with shorter lead-times, and can typically be produced in smaller batches, the company says.

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