Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws

February 16, 2012

Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws -

PennEngineering®'s new microPEM™ TackPin™ (Type T™) fasteners for compact electronic assemblies enable sheet-to-sheet attachment in applications that do not require disassembly.

The aluminum fasteners install into properly sized and prepared mounting holes in the sheet to be attached to the base panel. When pressed into place, the fastener clinches into the base panel, and the fastener's head subsequently holds the top sheet in place. The base panel can be as hard as HRB 45 or less and should be at least 0.04 in. thick for blind holes or 0.02 in. thick for through holes.

During the process, the fastener's tapered tip assists in location, an interference fit eliminates hole-tolerance issues, and the self-clinching action results in 360-degree metal contact.

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