Heavy-duty shop press has adjustable hand winch for bed-height change, daylight control

December 16, 2008

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses recently produced a 25-ton, heavy-duty H-frame shop press to assemble spring-loaded cylinders.

The press features an easily adjustable hand winch to change the bed height and control the amount of daylight. A friction brake prevents the bed from dropping and the handle from spinning upon release. The 115-V, single-phase motor is controlled by a remote hand control with a rocker-style switch. The remote, which has a 10-ft. cord, enables the operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of ram movement. A movable work head permits off-center loading under full capacity along the entire width of the frame.

The company also designed tooling that includes a removable bolster plate, a lower spacer, and an upper pusher. The custom guarding comprises Lexan® that covers the sides for clear view of the work area; rear expanded metal; and an electrically interlocked, hinged front guard that allows operator access. The motor is disabled when the guard is opened.

Applications include assembly, pressing, pulling, straightening, and lifting. The presses can be customized with add-on features and are available in a number of tonnages.

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