Hydraulic system inserts fasteners in mild steel, stainless, aluminum

April 9, 2014

The 824 OT-4e lite fully hydraulic fastener insertion system from Haeger is suitable for mid- to high-volume parts with fasteners up to 0616 (M10) in mild steel and 0516 (M6) in stainless. With a positive-stop feature when force required is less than 1,000 lbs., the machine also is suitable for soft aluminum parts.

The machine offers 8 tons of force, a 24-in. throat depth, and a four-station lower turret. Two auto-feed bowls allow the insertion of two fasteners automatically and two different fasteners manually. This allows single part handling, in which four different fasteners are inserted with their own pressure settings while the part is handled once.

The machine also has full quality control with fastener length, fastener detection, insertion mapping, and program storage. The company’s insertionLogic software has a built-in wizard to guide the user through setting up a program based on the fasteners selected. It sets force, dwell, eject time, and bowl vibration automatically.

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