Pierce units are self-equalizing

August 8, 2006

Aries Eng. Co. Inc. offers the HyperPierce® self-equalizing press unit for high-production piercing and assembly. It incorporates HyperCyl® hydrapneumatic drive units.

The press unit operates like standard cylinders, but with a frame design that allows infinite positioning of the part; the unit equalizes the force from both directions during the power stroke of the cylinders, then opens the tooling in both directions. This also allows for the ability the place odd-shaped parts directly into the unit without secondary motion, allowing the tooling to conform as it closes around the workpiece.

The unit operates with plant air supply (up to 100 PSI) and standard air valves. It can operate in any position or at the end of a robotic arm. Besides piercing, the unit can clinch, form, weld, rivet, and assemble. Its narrow footprint allows for the placement of multiple press stations within inches of each other.

The press units are available from 1 to 50 tons, in both equalizing and nonequalizing designs, and with standard and special strokes.

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