Pins function as fasteners in compact electronics

February 18, 2014

New microPEM® TackSert™ pins from PennEngineering® attach top panels to a base panel or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. They work with top panels of any material as thin as 0.008 in. and base panels or chassis made from common magnesium die-cast materials or plastics. Their diagonal knurl broaches into the base panel/chassis using a press-in action without heat or ultrasonics.

For pin installation, the user prepares properly sized mounting holes in the top sheet and base panel, places the pin through the hole in the top sheet and into the mounting hole of the base panel, and applies sufficient squeezing force using punch and anvil until the head of the pin contacts the top sheet.

During the process, the fastener’s tapered tip assists in location, and a firm interference fit eliminates hole-tolerance issues, the company states. Pins can be installed automatically for high-volume applications.

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