Remote compliance device corrects alignment errors in assembly applications

March 11, 2008

The Compensator, a remote center of compliance (RCC) device from ATI Industrial Automation, is designed to correct alignment errors with peg-in-hole automated assembly applications.

The device features shear pads that are stiff axially and compliant laterally to allow automated assembly machines to correct lateral and rotational misalignment, reducing contact force and nearly eliminating galling and jamming, the company reports. Rapid insertion correction helps reduce scrap, downtime, and machine damage on high-speed, automated machines.

Two high-strength anodized aluminum top and bottom plates are connected by elastomeric shear pads and hardened alloy steel overload pins. The overload pins protect the device from crashes, while the oil- and coolant-resistant elastomeric shear pads provide the lateral compliance (softness) to reduce contact forces.

Suitable for automated assembly operations, the device is available with lateral stiffness ranges from 6 to 34 lbs. per inch and axial stiffness ranges from 2,329 to 8,300 lbs. per inch. It uses variable shear pad combinations—three to 12 pads—based on the model and the user's desired insertion force and compensator strength.

Options include a pneumatic lockup that reduces vibration resulting from inertia and lock sensing that monitors the locked condition of the device. The company provides a general selection guide to help users determine the model best-suited to their application requirements.

Applications include automotive, electronics, appliance, and systems integration.

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