Resistance spot welding process welds using new-generation gun

June 4, 2014

Fronius Intl. GmbH has developed a second-generation weld gun for its DeltaSpot resistance spot welding process. The new weld gun has a simple interface and maintenance design.

Its core elements include a newly configured base body and reworked arms and drive motors. With the previous generation, the reeling and unreeling device for the process tape, the welding gun adjustment, and the servo-electric main drive were integrated into the construction of the arm body; they now are located on the base body. This decoupling has simplified the gun’s construction and made the design more stable.

The system’s MFDC transformer is operated at 1,000 Hz, allowing it to readjust every millisecond during the welding process. The transformer and the rectifier are also shifted closer to the electrodes to help minimize conductivity loss.

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