Robot handles welding, assembly, material handling

May 9, 2006

FANUC Robotics North America Inc. has introduced the R-2000iB multipurpose, intelligent robot that handles welding, assembly, part transfer, material removal, and machine loading.

The robot is supported by the R-J3iC controller, which provides vibration control during motion. This enables the robot to accelerate and decelerate quickly, reducing cycle time by 5 percent, the company reports. For spot welding applications, the control automatically optimizes servo gun and robot motion, reducing cycle time up to 15 percent.

The control's integrated vision function adds intelligence to the system without the need for additional processing hardware. It also simplifies the use of the company's Vision Shift, which adjusts an offline program to an actual robot program by using vision and TCP setup to accurately set tool-center points.

Multiple model variations are available, including a 165-kg base model, a high-payload version, and a rack-mount model. A slim arm and wrist assembly helps minimize interference with system equipment and allows the robot to operate in small workspaces.

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